Results from Monday, June 15, 2015

18 06 2015

As with the temperature, the scores on the Deer Run course were higher than anyone wanted. While most were cancelling each other out, Joe Thomas was able to steal a couple of holes to help Team 6 sneak past Team 1, 60-40. The contest ended 48-40, but Team 6 was able to get the 12 bonus points by winning low team net by 6 strokes.

Over on the Cardinal course, another match ended 48-40, but a 4 stroke team net advantage gave Team 5 the win over Team 2, 60-40. Al Gavalya, subbing for the team that only had 3 available players, led the charge with his season best 15 points. Gary Croke pitched in 14 points with the aid of a Birdie and 3 Pars.

In the other Cardinal match, Team 3 continued its unbeaten streak. Finally winning a featured match, Danny Machie led the squad with 16 points. The real battle turned out to be between Chris Dreyfuss(40) and Wesley Moore(42). Chris got 4 Pars and a Birdie, and Wes ended with 2 Birdies and 2 Pars. Even though Wes wasn’t able to take advantage of the 3 free strokes, he was able to win net by 1. Captain Mike Spata (applying the “ready for golf” skill set) had 2 Pars and a Birdie.

It will most likely be another HOT one next Monday, so be prepared for the high temperatures.

Captain’s should have their team lineup submitted to Mike by the end of Thursday.

Results from June 1, 2015

4 06 2015

On the Deer Run course, Team 3 continued its unbeaten streak with a win over Team 2, 65-35. With 15 points each, Mark Wiseman(42) and Tina Menefee(47) led the attack that ended with all four players scoring in double digits, and net scores in the 30’s.

Over on the Cardinal course, Team 6 almost had a similar outcome against Team 5, but Joe Grames spoiled that. Joe’s 43 and season’s best 29 net, outpointed Keith Blackburn (who finished with a 42 and a season’s best 6 Pars). But the rest of the gang, led by Jim Coleman’s 18 points took care of business for the 69-31 win.

In the other Cardinal match which ended 44-44, season lows from Ed Daly(42) and Gayle Coleman(49) were not enough against Team 4, which got 16 points each from Whit Seay and John Ferriera, and gained the 12 net bonus points by 6 strokes for the 56-44 victory.


Results from May 18, 2015

20 05 2015

Results from Monday are posted on the golf league web page.

Monday was just a taste of what June, July, and August will be like. It felt 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

Since the league had to play the same course, it seemed like a good idea to ask for earlier tee-times. We were able to get a dozen players that could start before the leagues assigned tee-times.

A big THANKS to each one of them.

In one of the matches, Team 3 remained undefeated against Team 1 65-35. The group was led by Les Richardson’s 19 points.

Team 4 had all 4 players scoring in double-digits. Led by Curt Hovator’s 18 points and season low net (30), held off Team 5 66-34.

In the closest match of the day, led by Matt Marchlik (17 pts) and Chris Cuevas (16 pts), Team 2 won total net by 3 strokes to seal the win against Team 6 58-42.

The course was stingy, but Dennis Miner was able to get 4 Pars, and Mike Spata and Curt Hovator each got a Birdie.

Just a reminder that there are NO league matches scheduled for next Monday. League play will resume on June 1st.

Enjoy the Holiday!
Get some rest.
Get some practice.
See you in June…

2014 Jefferson Lab Fall Golf Outing

8 09 2014

It’s time again for the 2014 Jefferson Lab Fall Golf Outing.

This year’s event will be held on Friday, October 17th, at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club (Green Course) in Williamsburg, Va.

The tourney will kick off at 12:00PM with a shotgun start.

The format will be a handicapped Captains Choice.

Your foursome must include at least two JLab employees. The cost for Jefferson Lab employees (you qualify if you receive a paycheck from JSA – Jefferson Science Associates, LLC) is $60. The cost for non-JLAB employees is $75. The cost includes range balls, green fees, cart, & food after the tournament.

Mulligans will be sold at the course.

Directions to the course from Jefferson Lab:

  • From Interstate 64, take Exit 238 onto Route 143 East.
  • Follow Route 143 to the second traffic light and bear right onto Route 132 (Henry Street). And continue on Henry Street through the Historic Area.
  • At the third traffic light, turn left onto Francis Street. Continue on Francis Street; then turn right at the second street, South England Street. The Golden Horseshoe Club House will be on the left.

Please see Mike Zarecky, TED 2500/19, to sign up. When you sign up, you must list your average score for 18 holes. Please make checks payable to Mike Zarecky.

The deadline for registering for the tournament is Monday Oct. 13th. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Zarecky, x7609 or Danny Machie, x7501


Commissioner’s Message

16 08 2014

Lineups for Monday are posted on the golf web page. This is a make-up match from a rain-out on 5/5. Needless to say, it’s a rematch from last week. The results will determine who finishes 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Teams 4 and 6 have earned first round byes when the play-offs begin.

The results from last Monday had no close battles. In the first match, Team 1, led by Dennis Miner(15 pts) got past Team 5 60-40. In the second match, Team 4 had all players scoring double-digit points for a total of 74. Stephanie Dixon(44) led the Yikes with 19 of those points. In the third match, Team 6 led by Chris Dreyfuss(38) and Dave Buckle(18 pts) beat Team 3 69-31.

All teams are reminded to have a sub ready to play if needed.
— dg

Message from the Commish

8 08 2014

Monday’s matches are posted on the golf web page.

With two weeks of regular matches left, the 2nd seed for the post-season is up for grabs. Teams 1 and 3 need to win out, and Team 6 needs only one win.

If the weather holds, and we get to have another team challenge, it will be as follows:

  • Each team will select 4 players to participate.
  • This event will not be handicapped.
  • Each team will give each player a number (1-4).
  • These numbers don’t mean anything before or during play.
  • The scoring will be based on how a player does on each hole.
  • Examples:
    • Eagle = 3 points
    • Birdie = 2 points
    • Par = 1 point
    • Bogie = 0 points
    • Double = -1 point
    • Triple = -2 points
    • Quad = -3 points

This event is scheduled for 8/25 unless a make-up date is needed.
     — dg

Commissioner’s Report

30 07 2014

Monday’s results are posted on the golf web page. With 3 weeks left, the battle for the 2nd seed is on. In the first match on Monday, Team’s 2 and 5 ended in a 44 tie, but a 3 over Par performance on the Cardinal from Gary Croke(39), helped grab the 12 low net points for a 56-44 win. In the second match, Matt Marchlik (16 pts) helped lead Team 6 past Team 4 60-40. In the third match, a 1 stroke difference in low net by Team 1, got them the win over Team 3. If there are no more rain-outs, we’ll have another Team Challenge on 8/25. The 2nd challenge will be totally different from the 1st challenge.

Teams are reminded to submit their rosters on or before Thursday for next Monday.



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