Down to 3

14 09 2016

In the elimination match, led by Jim Clark’s 15 points, and Denny Insley’s 14 points, Team 8 took full advantage of a short-handed Team 3 for a 51-29 win. The loss ends Team 3’s season.

In the other match, led by Tina Menefee’s 16 points, and Josh Armstrong’s 15 points, Team 1 scored a big win against Team 2, 64-36. The victory guaranteed the 8th Seeded squad a spot in the Championship Round.

Tina carded the only Birdie of the day.

The loss for the 7th Seed group places them in next weeks elimination match against the 3rd Seed on the Cardinal course.

Captain’s need to submit their lineups by COB on Thursday.



Awards Luncheon

12 09 2016

The luncheon will be held after the season in October. A confirmed date will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Would like everyone that plans to attend the Awards Luncheon, to notify their team captain, which in turn will let me know (numerically) how many to feed.



Results from September 21, 2015

23 09 2015

The results from Monday are posted on the golf league web page. Since there was no lightning in the area, and the course was open for play, the match between Teams 3 and 6 was a go. With a little bit of rain every so often, and a wind gust here and there, and having to play an opponent all at the same time, made every shot count. After all the scores were tallied, and having all 4 players scoring double digit points and getting total team low net, Team 6 was able to defeat Team 3, 72-28. Congrats to Team 6. An Awards Banquet is scheduled for October 1st in room L102, located in Cebaf Center, starting at Noon.


Results from September 14, 2015

16 09 2015

Yesterday’s results are posted on the golf league web page.

WOW! What a match between the top two seeds. Heartbreak for one, jubilation for the other.

It all came down to the last hole, possibly the last putt. The teams ended tied for team net, but a 2-point advantage in points gave Team 3 the victory over Team 2, 51-49.

With the win, Team 3 moves on to face Team 6 next Monday. The heartbreak loss eliminates Team 2.

FYI: For those interested, Kiln Creek will welcome the 2015 golf league members to play 9-holes (with cart) for $20. This offer might start as soon as next Monday. If interested, let me know asap. Tuesday’s could also be an option.

They are also offering a special that includes 5-free months with a prepaid 12-month membership.


Results from August 24, Playoffs

15 09 2015

The results from yesterday are as follows:

Teams 1 and 3 won their matches, and will meet each other next week.

Teams 4 and 5 suffered their second loss, and have been eliminated.

Also next week, Team 2 will tee-it-up against Team 6.

All matches are scheduled for the Deer Run course.

Results from August 31, 2015

1 09 2015

The scorecards from yesterday are posted on the golf league web page.

Team 6, led by Joe Thomas and Keith Blackburn, won 64-36 over Team 2. The win secured a spot in the Final.

Team 3, led by Chris Dreyfuss and Danny Machie, won 63-37 over Team 1. The win places them in an elimination match with Team 2 for the other remaining Final spot. The loss eliminated Team 1.


Results, Post Season Week 2

19 08 2015

Results from Post-Season Week 2 was sent out via email.

With all 4 players scoring in the 40’s, and netting in the 30’s, Team 6 was able to pull off the upset over the #1 Seed Team 3, 67-33. The loss places Team 3 in the 2nd Chance Bracket next week to face off with Team 5. Team 6 will be idle next week, and will return in Week 4.

In the other match; Team 2, with all 4 players scoring double-digit points, scored a whopping 72 points in their win over Team 4. The loss also puts Team 4 into the 2nd Chance Bracket where they will meet Team 1. The victory for Team 2 gives them a week off, but they will return to battle Team 6 in Week 4.

A loss in Week 3 will end the season for two teams, while the winners will meet in Week 4 in another elimination match.

The Week 3 matches are scheduled to be played on the Cardinal course.

When the Webmaster gets back from exile, the Post-Season Bracket can get posted. Until then, each team captain has a copy that they can share with their members.

Teams 1, 3, 4, and 5 need to submit their lineups to Mike Zarecky by COB on Thursday. Also, have subs available just in case they are needed. Teams cannot use subs from other teams during the post-season.