Commissioner’s Message

16 08 2014

Lineups for Monday are posted on the golf web page. This is a make-up match from a rain-out on 5/5. Needless to say, it’s a rematch from last week. The results will determine who finishes 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Teams 4 and 6 have earned first round byes when the play-offs begin.

The results from last Monday had no close battles. In the first match, Team 1, led by Dennis Miner(15 pts) got past Team 5 60-40. In the second match, Team 4 had all players scoring double-digit points for a total of 74. Stephanie Dixon(44) led the Yikes with 19 of those points. In the third match, Team 6 led by Chris Dreyfuss(38) and Dave Buckle(18 pts) beat Team 3 69-31.

All teams are reminded to have a sub ready to play if needed.
— dg

Message from the Commish

8 08 2014

Monday’s matches are posted on the golf web page.

With two weeks of regular matches left, the 2nd seed for the post-season is up for grabs. Teams 1 and 3 need to win out, and Team 6 needs only one win.

If the weather holds, and we get to have another team challenge, it will be as follows:

  • Each team will select 4 players to participate.
  • This event will not be handicapped.
  • Each team will give each player a number (1-4).
  • These numbers don’t mean anything before or during play.
  • The scoring will be based on how a player does on each hole.
  • Examples:
    • Eagle = 3 points
    • Birdie = 2 points
    • Par = 1 point
    • Bogie = 0 points
    • Double = -1 point
    • Triple = -2 points
    • Quad = -3 points

This event is scheduled for 8/25 unless a make-up date is needed.
     — dg

Commissioner’s Report

30 07 2014

Monday’s results are posted on the golf web page. With 3 weeks left, the battle for the 2nd seed is on. In the first match on Monday, Team’s 2 and 5 ended in a 44 tie, but a 3 over Par performance on the Cardinal from Gary Croke(39), helped grab the 12 low net points for a 56-44 win. In the second match, Matt Marchlik (16 pts) helped lead Team 6 past Team 4 60-40. In the third match, a 1 stroke difference in low net by Team 1, got them the win over Team 3. If there are no more rain-outs, we’ll have another Team Challenge on 8/25. The 2nd challenge will be totally different from the 1st challenge.

Teams are reminded to submit their rosters on or before Thursday for next Monday.


July 14 Action

16 07 2014

The temperature on Monday was up there, but not as hot as Team 3 has been for the past 4 weeks. Besides winning the Team Challenge last week and their two matches before that, they’ve extended their win streak to 3 with a victory over previous unbeaten Team 4. Leading the “Subpar” squad was Phil Kessler(46) with four pars. In a close battle, Team 1 edged out Team 2 by a couple of strokes. The Reigning Champs also came up (2 strokes) short of net, to drop them into last place. In the other match, Team 5 was able to beat Team 6 led by Joe Thomas (44), and Dave Gelhaar (55). Playing on the Cardinal course, Joe Thomas had 2 birdies; while Mark Wissmann, Wesley Moore , and Dave Meekins each got 1 birdie. With 5 weeks left in the regular season, the top two spots are up for grabs. As a reminder, players must have a minimum of 3 regular season matches posted to be eligible to play on the playoffs. There has also been a new link added to the web page labelled “Shot Counter”. It’s a summary on how well the courses have been treating everyone. Lineups for Monday are due tomorrow unless already submitted.


Team Challenge Special Event

9 07 2014

The results from the Team Challenge are posted on the golf web page. After many years of not having any special events added to the schedule, it was worth a shot to come up with something everyone might like. With rain-outs already wiping out a few dates set aside for special events, would mother nature cancel this one too? So basically, Monday’s event was a combination of events that were suggested during the off-season by league members. Instead of picking one over the others, I joined a few together. The next challenge was to get the league members interested in playing in such an event. The team concept seemed to be a good idea, but determining the number of players was the hardest part. In the end, a 5-player limit was selected, and it would be up to the teams to get 5 players interested, and then deciding on what event they would participate in. The following is a summary of the results:

With Team 4 sitting this one out, and a couple teams short-handed, Team 3 almost swept all three events. After all the scores were turned in, Team 3 showed their true colors with a score of 101, winning the Team Challenge by 8 points over the 2nd place finishers, Team 5. With the win, each of the 5 players in the event will receive $20 each, and their teammates not competing, will receive $5 each. There was also a closest-to-the-pin contest on the water holes with Joe Thomas claiming the Deer Run #5 and Mark Ito getting the Cardinal #5. John Mammosser (playing on the Cardinal) took care of business on #6 with an Eagle. Congrats to Team 3 for winning the Team Challenge, and to all the winners of their events and special holes. Maybe this challenge can be added to next year’s schedule with your support.

– dg

League Play, June 30, 2014

7 07 2014

The Yikes continue their domination of the league. Must be like the Yankee’s and bringing in all the expensive stars on one team. We’ll see if they fold in September. The standings order hasn’t changed either this week. Gayle ‘the hammer’ Colman had the round of her life and came in with a 47. Well done Gayle!

Remember to hydrate in this heat, and keep a hat on to provide some shade to your head.

Handicaps are broken into 2 sheets. Currently events 1 to 6 in one web page and events 6 to 12 in the 2nd page.

The Ultimate Golf Cart

10 04 2013


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