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10 04 2013

British Open

22 07 2012

Crazy finish.






Peter Monaghan Scores An EAGLE on Cardinal #6

1 07 2011

Even though we could not get Peter to retire the Golf Ball He will still remember the moment. After Playing High and Right to Behind the 7th Tee, his next chip (about 30 yards) struck the right bank and the ball ran straight to the flag and dropped for the Eagle. Nice shot Peter, Kelly, Chuck, and Dave witnessed the moment. (June 27, 2011)

Ball that won’t slice

26 05 2011

Article on the Polara golf ball that reduces slices. Mainly on how people react when they find out about it.

— Mark I.

Three-putt blues

17 05 2011

Great day out there yesterday, high 70′s, light breeze, blue sky. I did not play that badly, though I did 3-putt five greens, a personal best (or worst, come to think of it) for nine holes.

– Mark I.

An Eagle Has Landed

10 04 2011

Looks like we’ll have to get at least one Trophy/Plaque for Chris’s (Dreyfus) Eagle.  It has been at least 5 years since the last one.  Mike Memory scored one I think around 2006 or earlier.  The Computer Center staff was housed in old Trailer City at the time, And he got a plaque for the achievement.

I don’t remember any more details, some others may.

Dave Buckle

League Play, Week 1, 2011

8 04 2011

It was great weather out there. Lots of rust on lots of swings. I was a poor winter for golf weather-wise, so some oxidation was expected.

Low net out there was Commissioner Machie, with a 34 on the Cardinal. No rust there.

Winners and Losers (team numbers):
1 def. 6
5 def. 2
4 def. 3
8 def. 7

— Mark I.


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